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About Me

P. A. Milko is a writer from a small town located in central Massachusetts. For over twenty-five years she's been weaving tall tales about small things. Focused on detail and perspective, she sees and writes with a direct and empathetic approach.

Like many writers, P. A. Milko enjoys a quiet and simple life. An introvert by nature, with a strong adoration for animals, her initial launch was in the direction of veterinary technology. When she failed to master the great art of typing faster than her fingers would allow [a vital necessity for many a receptionist’s desk] she quickly turned to something that was much more her speed - freelance writing.

Happily, albeit hopelessly flawed, and now working fervently on her second novel, she freely admits to her continued dependency on the use of spell check and forever types with her eyes firmly locked on the keys.

Her literary work is peppered in various forms all over the internet; "A Fit for the Kings" is her debut novel. Her two favorite authors are Barbara Kingsolver because she dares to write deeply - she makes people think/care; Gabriel Garcia Marquez because of his mix of commonalities and fantasy; and his use of time.

“I find it intriguing how we as humans can see one simple thing, one matter, or one happenstance in an endless variety of ways; our personal lens is our means of interpretation. It is at the point of convergence where I start all my tales.”
- P. A. Milko